Thursday, September 14, 2006

Creative Writing 5th block

Ah, the biography assignment. A chance to talk to zany relatives and hear the crazy stories of their youth. Yes it is that, but it's so much more. How many of you have ever actually sat down with a grandparent and asked specific questions about their growing up years? How about what they did for a living or why they chose that profession? What about other friends or loves that they may have had in their lives?

Here's the chance (somewhat forced upon you) to do just that. Get to know your family a little better by talking to some of the oldest living members of that family. I know some of you don't look forward to it. I'm sorry. But not much. 99% of students recommend this assignment after they've done it. It can be very entertaining for you and your interviewee. It can be incredibly enlightening for you both. It can be a life-changing experience.

Notice all those "it can be" phrases? You have to make it those things by actually being prepared to do a worthwhile interview and biography.

Here's the question: What attitude are you taking with you into this assignment? How are you going to make it all those "can be's"? What questions do you have that will make this an interesting interview? Share with us some of the unique questions you have thought of so far.

Respond to this post with your comments, then respond to someone else's comments too. Remember to include your first name and last initial at the bottom of your comment.

Mr. B.

A Preview of Technology to be Used

Okay, so here we are about to begin using technology that is unfamiliar to most of you -- Palm brand PDA's. I'm always interested to see how students approach unfamiliar technologies. Some grab it, run with it, and make the most of it. Others seem timid and scared that it will break in their hands, so they never really get much out of it. I reminds me of having my first child and the way I though he was so fragile that I'd break him if I held him wrong. With my latest twin sons being born though (almost 12 years later than the first son), they are lucky if they get any gentle handling from me. They're actually fairly indestructable (the babies, not the Palms), and they can be used and played with and wrestled with.

My point is, if you are afraid of the actual technology, you will likely miss out on some very useful, fun, enjoyable programs and possibilities for your work. I hope you'll take the opportunity to make use of it. It will mean being uncomfortable sometimes, maybe not knowing quite what will work or what to do, BUT it has the potential to be a very powerful tool in your education.

What attitude will you take? In a response to this post, write some of your thoughts about the Palm PDA's that you'll be using this term. Remember to use your first name and last initial only at the bottom of your post. You must make an original comment and then a second that responds to one of your classmates or the teacher's replies.

Mr. B