Thursday, February 10, 2005

Writing Workshop - 2/10/05

You have a few things that you can be working on for your final portfolio. I expect that before you leave today you will have helped edit at least one other student's work. Remember that I promised you time each week to write, revise, edit, and do it all on computers. Take this time and use it wisely.

If you feel you are done with everything else and are ready with your final portfolio and reading journal to date, then you may read or do other homework. No Internet, email, games, or the other usuals.

I will conference with you one by one as we have time.

Mr. B

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Anonymous said...

By the way, don't think you'll get out of your speech for the comparison or illustration. We will do those on Monday. If that's something you need to work on, do it.

Mr. B